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Helping Community Nonprofits Succeed

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ATC provides a wide range of technical assistance services to the National Association of Minority Contractors-Oregon and other organizations.

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ATC is a mission-oriented, bilingual Spanish firm that has been helping nonprofits succeed for over fifteen years in the Portland, Oregon region and in the Republic of Panamá, and is a State of Oregon certified Emerging Small Business (ESB). ATC founder John Jackley served as Prosper Portland's Director of Communications and Social Equity for ten years prior to founding ATC in 2016, which has helped numerous nonprofits and small businesses with:

  • Technical assistance, outreach and communications.

  • Administrative and organizational capacity-building.

  • Organizational racial equity plans, policies and strategies.

  • Developing and implementing culturally-specific services.

  • Develop and implement construction training for BIPOC contractors and professional service firms.

  • Change and growth management strategies.

  • Business plans, marketing, social media and communications

  • Board management and training.

  • Challenging construction and development projects.

ATC specializes in nonprofits connected to underrepresented communities, especially communities of color. John served on the board of the Metropolitan Contracting Improvement Partnership from its founding in 2008 to 2018, and at the request of the board, subsequently served as executive director and manager of MCIP's recent merger with the National Association of Minority Contractors-Oregon, to which ATC now provides program and organizational services, communications strategy and social media, training and administrative technical assistance. He developed and wrote the 2020 racial justice policy and strategy for the Oregon Department of Housing and Community Services for development and construction, which apply to all uses of OHCS funds by nonprofits and developers.

John serves on the board of the Hispanic Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce and is the former vice chair, and has served on the board of the Asian Pacific American Chamber of Commerce. 

ATC is one of the most diverse firms in the region (see our team page). For details and additional information, please see our Statement of Qualifications.

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ATC CEO JohnJackley assists the nonprofit Young Entrepreneurs Working for Panama (Asociación de Jovenes Emprendedores Trabajando por Panamá) and serves on its board.

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