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We excel at three kinds of projects: 1) individual or ongoing jobs where we do the flying and data collection, such as a public affairs campaign, an agricultural project, land use planning study, building inspection or construction project; 2) where your organization needs an in-house, ongoing UAV capability and we design your UAV system and train your personnel; and 3) UAV feasibility studies.


In all cases, we match the best technology, software and systems design available to the client’s needs and mission.



& harbours


Advanced Technology Communications is designing, building and implementing a comprehensive Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) for the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority for the nation’s main ports at Tema and Takoradi. The project includes training GHPA personnel in all aspects of UAS management and UAV flight operations, including mission planning and data management. This technology and knowledge transfer will ensure sovereign control over the data and avoid a 21 st century technological colonialism that leaves too many countries behind. Upon completion, Ghana will have the most advanced civilian UAS and UAV operations of any nation in Africa for maritime security, shipping traffic control, anti-piracy operations in the Gulf of Guinea, construction inspection and documentation, and public affairs and communications.

Seadco Farm

Karl Miller Center, Portland State University

Portland State wanted to kick off the grand opening of the Karl Miller Center for Business with a blogger event the day before the ribbon cutting. They requested a series of video clips, all under ten seconds and maximized for the Facebook platform and especially for mobile devices because the blogging event was produced live on Facebook. The footage needed to showcase specific aspects of the design and construction per the client. ATC delivered the clips on 48 hours notice, working through the weekend and doing on-site post production with the PSU staff as the event approached. This link is to the most popular one in the set and the others are next to it here; still images are here

Lower Klamath River/Iron Gate Dam

Lower Klamath River/Iron Gate Dam

ATC was asked to provide drone video and photography of the Iron Gate Dam and Lower Klamath River near Yreka, California for a proposal team preparing for the $300 million decommissioning of four earthen dams on the Lower Klamath River in Oregon and California as a result of a salmon-related settlement. The client wanted slow, cinematic, documentary shots to be able to show current and potential proposal team members the Iron Gate reservoir, dam, Lower Klamath River below the dam, and segments downstream west of I-5, including footage of the riparian habitat and algae buildup in the stream beds. In this case, the client did not want an end-to-end produced video, but a series of shots from which they could choose to include in the proposal. Check out the video here  and the photos here.


surf lodge

ATC shot promotional aerial video and photography to feature a surf lodge on the Pacific Coast of northern Panama. The shoot features dramatic beach, wave, island and other tropical scenes and images for upcoming marketing and social media.


Our ATC shot reel features the surf lodge and showcases many of the dramatic aerial video shots that this technology offers.  

Burica Surf Lodge

Surf Lodge



In the sun-drenched tropical nation of  Ghana in West Africa, in the sparkling Shai Hills region, lies some of the best mango-producing land on the planet. The best of the best is SEADCO Farms, which produces the highest-quality organic mangos that are sustainably grown, hand picked, and carefully transported to market  worldwide. ATC is proud to assist SEADO Farms with aerial mapping, marketing and communications.

Broadway Corridor Project

ATC is the aerial provider for the Broadway Corridor Planning project, which is the key opportunity site in the City of Portland’s West Quadrant Plan (subcontractor to ZGF and project team). Preliminary work began in October 2017 with this set of scouting video and still scouting shots from which to plan the overall aerial imaging strategy. The still image of the Post Office has received over 2,000 views to date on LinkedIn. Check out the video here and the photographs here. ATC is shooting this project for a communications strategy called scrollytelling for the client's web page and social media platforms.

El Grito 2017

ATC provided aerial video and photography for the 2017 El Grito celebration of Mexican Independence Day at the Moda Center in Portland, Oregon. Check out the festivities via video here and photographs here.

El Grito celebrates the independence of Mexico and other Latin American countries from Spain. Roman Catholic priest Father Miguel Hidlago de Costilla rang the bell of his church on September 16, 1810 and issued the call to arms (El Grito) that began the war for independence.

Mazatlan Corporation S.A.

For the Mazatlan Corporation S.A. in Panama, ATC did aerial mapping, video and photography for an upcoming construction project.


Portland yacht Services

Advanced Technology Communications is providing aerial photography and video plus social media communications to Hayden Island's best fiberglas gelcoat repair company.

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