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Professional Aerial Photography and Video for Northwest Real Estate

Nothing helps sell real estate today better and faster than aerial photography and video - exciting perspectives, the ability to showcase neighborhoods and attractive features, and stirring video to put the property into motion. ATC brings over 17 years' experience in construction and commercial real estate to our passion for featuring properties from the air:

Pay upon commission payment

Fast turnaround

FAA certified

$1 million+ liability insurance


Highest quality

Latest technology

Branded/unbranded versions

Data collection for roof inspections

Clackamas County property

For the best pricing in the industry, click here.

To prepare for a condominimum sale in Fenwick Island, Delaware, we shot at various angles and times of day to take advantage of the changing light. See more of these shots here.

Aerial Photography and Video Work at Ground Level Too

Not all aerial video is from high altitude. At Cabañas Potosí we used precision flying to capture the beauty of a stroll through these stunning gardens in El Valle de Anton, Panamá. It's an innovative way to showcase landscaping and other property attractions and when combined with other aerial shots will produce eye-catching portfolios every time.

Check out an eight second clip of low-level aerial video through those gardens here. (Note: shot in 4k, viewing quality will depend on your monitor and wifi or other connection.)

We recently did a shoot for a surf lodge in Panama that featured stills and video of the property as well as the surrounding area and attractions. See more of this property here.

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