Aerial Photography, Video and Data Collection

Public Affairs and Communications * Construction and Development * Ports and Harbors * Planning and Environment * Real  Estate

Portland, Oregon * Panama City, Panamá * Accra, Ghana

Located in Portland, Oregon Advanced Technology Communications LLC (ATC) provides aerial videography, photography, data collection and systems design services to public agencies and private clients in the Pacific Northwest, West Africa and Central America. Main areas of focus include public affairs and communications, construction and development, ports and harbors, planning and environment and real estate, and security. ATC is bilingual in Spanish, English, Portuguese and Twi (major Akan dialect spoken in Ghana).


CEO John Jackley holds a Part 107 FAA Remote Pilot Certificate with a small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) rating (scored 98% on the Part 107 test); an FAA Safety Certificate (100% on test); and a Remote Pilot 101 Certificate from MZero Aviation (Ocala, FL). 


ATC is a State of Oregon certified Emerging Small Business (ESB) and is FAA certified for drone operations in the United States, the State of North Carolina (requires a separate permit), the Republic of Panama and the Republic of Ghana.  ATC is also one of the few drone companies in Oregon to receive FAA authorization for nighttime flight operations. ATC is authorized to receive automated authorization in controlled airspace around the country through the FAA LAANC system (Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability). 

Click on the images below to see some of our recent aerial video and photography projects. Nothing speaks louder than the way clients feature our work - check it out here at this link.

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Uses of drones



Conduct inspections, energy audits, documentation, marketing, planning and development


Crop scouting, NDVI analysis, plant health, detection of insect predation, irrigation assessments, elevation maps, 3D modeling and more


Drones save time and money, increase safety for mining operations, stockpile volume analyses, aggregate stockpiles and more

Real estate and Development

Commercial real estate brokerage, aerial footage, structural and thermal inspection data, roof condition assessments, marketing and sales promotions, progress documentation

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Video Gallery

See our latest videos here - Panama, Ghana and the Pacific NOrthwest.

Pacific Surf - Punta Burica, Panamá

Autonomous Point of Interest Advanced Flight Setting

All pilots for Advanced Technology Communications hold an FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate with an 

sUAS (small Unmanned Systems) rating.


FAA approval for nighttime drone flight operations in the Portland, OR metropolitan area. 

Certified for commercial UAS operations in the State of North Carolina #C0002227.

Find our Statement of Qualifications here.

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